Issuer processing

If you’re planning to issue cards, you’ll want to offer those that are most accepted and fastest growing. Tribe is the first card payments platform in Europe to enable Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay cards.

You’ll also benefit from some great tools and options to help your card programme stand out and make more money.

Another boring reporting portal

Only joking. TribeHub grants you superhero powers to control your whole programme and expose hidden insights, whether you are issuing physical cards or virtual cards in a digital wallet.

Get close to your customers

Set rules that control how your programme performs – at a group level or at individual card level for absolute control.

Build deep, meaningful, profitable relationships with your customers through website, app or customer service portal, including live chat.

Make more money

Use TribeHub to control when and how fees are applied to support your business model and brand promise. Send marketing newsletters to upsell your services or promote a referral campaign.

Take risks. If you want to

If your business model based on accepting a higher level of risk in certain scenarios, we can connect you directly into the transaction process so you can make the final authorisation decision.

Address new markets and liberate the underserved. Run free and change the world!

Switched on security

Stay ahead of fraud with the latest 3D Secure 2.0 and fraud detection powered by Artificial Intelligence. Our clever machine learning tech combines with configurable rules-based logic to offer awesome protection for you and your customers.