Tribe gateway

Your right to choose

Bringing your payment programme to life can involve a lot of different service providers and partners doing many different things.

You need a gateway that throws open the door to a world of choices rather than limiting who you can do business with.

Schemes, acquirers, software providers, processors, APMs. Who knows what next?

No strings attached

Like everything we do, the Tribe Gateway is modular. If you are a PSP or ISO, you might want just our Gateway with no strings attached. If you’re an established acquiring bank looking for a way to broaden its offering – seriously, not a problem.

Full-on control

You’ll see and control everything through our gateway dashboard. Everything you need is clearly visible, including external partner data such as PayPal transactions.

With optional modules like debtor and risk management, you can own and personalise the complete user experience. All without the headache of complicated operational and compliance responsibilities in-house.