My first 6 months at Tribe


As my first six months at Tribe closed in, I wanted to reflect on the start that we have made and where I see our immediate future.

To try and give some insight as to how we have got to here I believe our vision lays out much of our strategy and therefore, a poignant place to start:

“A future where payment innovation doesn’t need to compromise between speed and scale”

Innovation; a staple underpinning of a technology company. One that both you and I would consider a pre-requisite of success! But, also one that requires constant consideration. To be honest, continued innovation was a major consideration for how we built our system. How do you remain relevant during those ever-decreasing technical cycles?

The second key element; Resilience. A payments processor must live by its up time and whilst its easy to say that we haven’t encompassed large scale growth or operated in multiple markets; what we can do is prepare for that eventuality in the hope that we do find that success. So, we did.


Almost more important than innovation and resilience, was the team we wanted to bring together.  To paraphrase our mission, assembling the best global payments experts was something we believe is paramount to our success. Technology can be unrivaled, but if not applied correctly, or understood then ultimately defunct. Thus, we set about doing so.

When I joined, I was employee four or five depending on who walked through the door first out of Emily and I. We are now eighty-two! Eighty-two hardworking, dedicated teammates that are working on delivering that vision I harped on about earlier.


Underpinning that, as of Money2020 we now have a live platform. Built from scratch by a team of developers much smarter than I am we have laid the foundations on which Tribe stands. A multitude of individual modules (I like to call them microservices) Tribes services are continuously coming online as we iterate and release on an almost daily basis. This is accompanied by our first partners. A special mention to all of those of you that have trusted us to deliver the foundations of your truly amazing products and services. We will be ever grateful for you giving us the opportunity to prove what we have built.

So, based on all that what next for us?!

This next few months is a focus on growth and delivery. We now have an internal aim to deliver all existing partners into the market by Q4. No mean feat, for a company which has more than four times more partners than it did staff six months ago! Alongside that we are working with our newer partners on defining their product scopes as we look to continue our product and geographic expansion. I guess it’s a case of watch this space as we continue to progress in leaps and bounds.

Thanks for getting this far! I will try and get some smaller updates drafted on a more regular basis.