To Fintech and Beyond:

A podcast brought to you by Tribe

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To Fintech and Beyond by Tribe is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the biggest, most burning questions about the whirlwind world of fintech, payments and financial services.


Hosted by Tribe MD Alex Reddish, each episode is focused on a single crucial question (and we're not afraid to ask the toughest ones!) on an immediate or emerging issue facing fintechs and payments companies. These topics are explored by grilling industry experts and inspiring healthy debate - all with the aim of delivering practical insight.


You can listen and download the podcast in the player below, or catch it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Audible & Amazon Music - and remember to like and subscribe! 



Episode 2: How important is it for acquirers to consider localisation when going global?

In an express 15-minute podcast, we've teamed up with our partners at Currencycloud to bring you a two-part special on the theme of 'Think Global, Act Local' as we examine what it takes to be a successful modern acquirer. 


Our MD Alex Reddish is joined by Stephane Vandenplas from Currencycloud and Lynda Strutton from Tribe to explore how acquirers can master the balancing act of localisation and globalisation. 


You can find the first part of the series on the Payments Innovation Podcast.



Episode 1: What is the difference between Embedded Finance and Banking as a Service?

In the very first episode of the brand new To Fintech and Beyond podcast, Tribe MD Alex Reddish is joined by Conchur Gill from Be | Shaping The Future UK to explore all things embedded finance and BaaS, and discuss the differences between them.