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To Fintech and Beyond by Tribe is a podcast that explores the biggest, most burning questions about the whirlwind world of fintech, payments and financial services.


Hosted by Tribe MD Alex Reddish, each episode is focused on a single crucial question (and we're not afraid to ask the toughest ones!) on an immediate or emerging issue facing fintechs and payments companies. These topics are explored by grilling industry experts and inspiring healthy debate - all with the aim of delivering practical insight.


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Episode 9: Is getting a licence worth the effort?

We're back for a second series - and Alex Reddish is joined by James Miller, a Compliance Specialist at AuthoriPay. The duo explore everything you need to know about licences, from what kind of licence a fintech or paytech should choose, including all the pros and cons, through to whether it's actually worthwhile.


Episode 8: How can you scale a fintech without breaking it?

Charles McManus, CEO of ClearBank, joins Alex Reddish to discuss how and when a business knows it's the right time to scale up successfully. 


The pair also discuss the interesting and exciting nuances of embedded banking; and you can learn more in ClearBank's recent report with Aite-Novarica - Confusion, cost, and compliance: The bifurcation of BaaS and Embedded Banking. Download it here.


Episode 7: Is Open Banking calamitous without corporates?

How do you add value in the corporate space with data and payment initiation? Alex Reddish is joined by Tasha Chouhan, UK & IE Banking Director at our Open Banking partner Tink, to explore the differences in consumer and corporate Open Banking propositions - and how you can incentivise the latter.


Episode 6: Taking your fintech Stateside - A realistic goal or the stuff of nightmares?

We're back after a short summer break! Joining Alex Reddish this week is fintech and insurtech strategist Sarah Kocianski as we tackle the tricky topic of expansion and how to break into the US market.


Currently serving as a European Advisor to the Arizona Fintech Council, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge to the podcast, having previously worked at 11:FS and Business Insider. 


Episode 5: How can next generation neobanks balance innovation with profitability?

Neobank 2.0 is in full flow, but what exactly is different from the first generation, and what lessons have been learned over the past decade?


Alex Reddish is joined by Olivier Crespin, Co-Founder and CEO of neobank Zand, and Christoph Stegmeier, Senior Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, who recently published the paper The future of neobanking: How can neobanks unlock profitable growth?


You can download Christoph's report here.


Episode 4: Open Banking - What's next?

Joining Alex Reddish this week is Jim Wadsworth, who leads the Open Banking team at Mastercard, as the duo delve deep into the current state of global affairs on all things Open Banking and evaluate what’s on the radar.


Alex and Jim discuss everything from Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) through to the differences in growth between regulatory-driven and innovation-driven markets; as well as shining a light on what’s happening in Europe, the US and Brazil, among other regions.


Episode 3: Cryptocurrencies - Hero or Villain?

Tribe MD Alex Reddish is joined by Erica Stanford, Founder & CEO of the Crypto Curry Club and author of Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruption.


The pair explore the current state of play as well as the good and the bad of crypto, and discuss whether crypto has 'taken off'. 


Episode 2: How important is it for acquirers to consider localisation when going global?

In an express 15-minute podcast, we've teamed up with our partners at Currencycloud to bring you a two-part special on the theme of 'Think Global, Act Local' as we examine what it takes to be a successful modern acquirer. 


Our MD Alex Reddish is joined by Stephane Vandenplas from Currencycloud and Lynda Strutton from Tribe to explore how acquirers can master the balancing act of localisation and globalisation. 


You can find the first part of the series on the Payments Innovation Podcast.


Episode 1: What is the difference between Embedded Finance and Banking as a Service?

In the very first episode of the brand new To Fintech and Beyond podcast, Tribe MD Alex Reddish is joined by Conchur Gill from Be | Shaping The Future UK to explore all things embedded finance and BaaS, and discuss the differences between them.