Tribe Tech: Get to know what Tribe can offer you

From Acquirer Processing to Fraud Prevention, Issuer Processing to Open Banking, Tribe Payments has a range of products and solutions to help your business.


Scroll through our Tribe Tech to find out a little bit more.


    Acquirer processing

    Tribe’s technology can help you empower your merchants to support the cross-border, omnichannel payments journeys their customers demand. Learn more about Acquirer Processing here.

    Acquirer Processing

  • Bank connect

    Available as a standalone module or alongside our acquiring & issuing solutions, Bank Connect can offer you fast, easy connections to European and UK banks and enable you to add banking services to your payments programmes.

    Our integrated bank partners – Centrolink and ClearBank – offer an enhanced direct connection to the banking rails. Learn more about Bank Connect here. 

    Bank Connect

  • Cardframe

    Our embeddable PCI-compliant cardframe allows customers to manage and see card details, activate cards, and see and set the pin, while the sensitive card information remains in our independently PCI approved Tribe environment. Learn more about Cardframe here.


  • Crypto

    Tribe supports a number of crypto exchange businesses with payments technology, allowing their users to spend their crypto funds with ease, in a much broader range of places. We also enable acquirers to support crypto payments via their merchants. Learn more about Crypto here.


  • Digital banking-2

    Tribe’s solution combines front-end wallet capabilities for end users to manage cards, bank transfers and crypto payments with back-end functionality that supports banking services. Learn more about Digital Banking here.

    Digital Banking

  • End-user-centric

    While don’t directly serve end-users, we are committed to building solutions with their needs and expectations in mind. By developing end-user-centric solutions, we can more effectively solve our clients’ problems and support their business success. Learn more here. 


  • Fraud Prevention

    Tribe’s Fraud & Risk Monitoring solution works seamlessly in conjunction with our authorisation engines to screen transactions in real time as an invisible part of the transaction process. Learn more about Fraud Prevention here.

    Fraud Prevention

  • FX

    Tribe has a comprehensive FX offering – partnering with Currency Cloud, fully integrated into ISAAC. We support multi-currency transactions  across both issuing and acquiring. Learn more about FX here. 


  • Gateway

    Our payments gateway helps acquirers increase their reach and streamline costs by adding new payment methods, markets, currencies and routing options.

    Our gateway dashboard allows you to clearly view all your transaction data, including external partner data, in one place – giving you greater visibility and control over your portfolio performance. Learn more here. 


  • H, Tribe Hub

    With our Tribe Hub, you can receive real-time notifications, view live transactions and learn from real-time data analytics. Learn more about our Tribe Hub here.

    (Tribe) Hub

  • Issuer Processing

    Tribe’s platform gives you complete control to build bespoke programmes in line with your customer needs. Create and launch virtual or physical card programmes, with a wide choice of schemes. Learn more about Issuer Processing here.

    Issuer Processing

  • KYC

    Tribe’s clients can securely identify their customers with speed and accuracy using our integrated, enhanced KYC and onboarding tools.


  • LithuaniaTribe Towers! Our head office is in London but our biggest office is in Kaunas, filled with some of the brightest and brainiest people in Lithuania.


  • LondonAnd in London, you'll find our commercial team in our head office based just by Leadenhall Market. 


  • ModularTribe’s modular technology is purpose-built to address your immediate and future payments needs. Our core platform, ISAAC, is modular at both a micro and macro level; designed to enable agile responses to market change and to support pioneering new initiatives. 


  • Open Banking

    Tribe provides an Open Banking compliance API which enables fintechs to easily meet their PSD2 compliance obligations. We also enable clients to tap into AIS and PIS services via our integration with Open Banking market leader, Tink. Learn more about Open Banking here.

    Open Banking

  • POS (Point of sale)-2

    Whether you’re supporting in-store payments for large retail chains or mobile POS payments for independent microbusinesses, Tribe can take care of your POS requirements and help you deliver the payments services your merchants need. Learn more about POS here.

    POS (Point of sale)

  • Quick-to-marketTribe’s modern, cloud-based architecture enables clients to build innovative services quickly, without compromising quality. Our APIs are easy to implement at speed, making it easy to launch to and onboard new customers. 


  • Risk Monitor-1

    Tribe’s Risk Monitor platform allows for real-time assessment of banking transactions against an array of pre-defined conditions, along with the real-time assessment against global Sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media databases. This allows our partner to ensure they have oversight and confidence in providing protection to their customers and meeting AML requirements for EMI license holders. Learn more about Risk Monitor here.

    Risk Monitor

  • S, Scheme Connectivity

    Tribe provides fintechs and card issuers with unrivalled connectivity to the major card schemes, including Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay International. Learn more about our Scheme Connectivity here. 

    Scheme Connectivity

  • T, 3D secure

    Tribe’s proprietary 3D Secure solution provides a seamless authentication service for banks, fintech and acquirers. Learn more here.

    3D Secure

  • W, Wallet

    Tribe’s API-based digital banking platform and 100% customisable payments wallet offer outstanding speed to market for fintechs looking to offer innovative digital payments capabilities. Our solution also gives you the ability to brand the front-end wallet however you wish. Learn more here.