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Card payments, crypto and digital wallets are converging as consumers demand the ability to use a range of different currencies. Without a card programme in place, your customers are restricted in how they can use their crypto funds. Adding modern payment capabilities can change this dynamic and give them ability to spend their crypto funds with ease, in a much broader range of places.

Adding a card programme to your exchange

can provide benefits such as:


reduce cost4

Reduced operating costs


Increased customer adoption and growth

customer support4

Delivering a superior customer experience

Make Tribe your payments partner


Seamlessly bridge the crypto and fiat worlds


We’re heading towards a time where people can spend a range of digital assets anywhere in the world. But outdated banking processes stand in the way of this. Tribe's processing platform and payments technology was built for the digital age. It is designed from the ground up to meet the most demanding payment challenges. 


We've already secured success for key crypto clients and we're working with more businesses in the crypto space to deliver the modern payments infrastructure that digital customers demand.


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