Take control of your payments flow

Our API-first platform gives you the ability to easily shape your payments programme, your way.

Why work with Tribe?

Our tech and integrations are built using developer-led APIs and modular, customisable solutions. In a nutshell, this means our solutions offer great flexibility, they're easy to work with and fast to implement.

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At Tribe we offer:

We love sharing our ideas and the philosophy behind our approach. So, if you have an idea, or just want to talk, give us a call.


Speed to market

Create and launch customised payment solutions in a matter of weeks, not months. On every project you will have a dedicated implementation team to build your solution and guide you throughout the process. 


Modular technology

This allows us to build completely customisable solutions for your business. It’s easy to turn modules on and off. This makes development much easier because you don't need to go through a huge system or infrastructure development project to change just one variable. 


Bank-grade security

When we talk about money, security is the highest priority. That’s why we use the latest technology and constantly run security tests.


Developer-driven APIs

Extensive open APIs for developers enable all of the key features to be built into your application in a quick and easy way. Plus, everything is documented and consistently updated.


Seamless support

We will be invisible to your end-users, making sure you still own the customer journey. We will support you and work quietly in the background, to let you focus on your business and customers.


Configurable parameters

Our solutions let you configure a huge range of parameters, letting you build and manage your services, your way.