Fintech 5x5 report

The fintech sector may already be an early adopter of new technologies, but what’s next?

As we look ahead to the next five years, what technologies will have the greatest impact?

Which innovations do fintechs need to pay close attention to?

Which ones have the power to turn the industry upside down?

Fintech Five by Five provides unique insight into exactly how fintech is changing today, from those closest to the technologies creating that change.

To reveal the road ahead, Tribe brought together five leading proponents of the most exciting technologies: 

  • Canonical on Edge Computing 
  • FintechOS on Low Code
  • Microsoft on Artificial Intelligence
  • R3 on Blockchain
  • TrueLayer on APIs

Fintech Five by Five is essential reading for fintech professionals looking understand the impact emerging technologies will have on the sector, and the opportunities and challenges they will create.

Key findings from the report:

  • All five technologies we identified will change fintech. But each is unique in the speed it will be adopted, in the parts it will change, and how obvious the changes will be.
  • Just as we should beware of too much hype, the fintech industry should beware of too little —potentially revolutionary technologies risk being underused or even ignored.
  • Fintech is not a revolution, but an ongoing change —it’s vital that the sector understands the technologies that are going to create change, whether that’s the infrastructure that underpins fintech, new ways to ensure privacy, or new tools that will make innovations simpler.

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