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Open Banking offers a new age possibility to reimagine relationships with peoples financial services and their data. 

Through collaboration and taking advantage of new APIs; banks, fintechs and other service providers can combine their individual strengths to enable a simple and seamless experience. 

With Open Banking already on the way to becoming Open Finance, and fintech already becoming embedded in our day to day lives, now is the time to explore how you can make a change.


But, what is open banking?



Open Banking is defined as:

‘The secure way to give providers access to your financial information.’

This gives both individuals and businesses a clearer view of finances, quick and easy payments and the ability to transform the customers ability to shop around.

This will transform how we all interact with money as well as harness the power of banking data.


What this actually means

Security and ownership of data

Security and openness rarely go hand in hand, but offering your customers greater control of their data allows them to have a greater understanding of how it is being used. Trust of our users is something we all crave.  And trust comes from transparency. 

At the same time, privacy and protection has never been more important. Giving that transparency and ownership back to the customer is the best way to empower individuals across the world. 


Improving customer experience 

Giving customers the best experience possible has never been so important. People want convenience and Open Banking gives firms the chance to deliver that. Through APIs we can deliver a customer experience that removes the majority of friction, is quick and ultimately simple. 

Let's put the customer at the very centre of their finances and give them the control to decide what happens next. Businesses have been talking about personalisation that adds true value for a lifetime, now let’s put our words into action.

Serving underserved markets

Fintech has always been good at taking an underserved niche and making it fly. 

Take the SME market. Ten years ago there were a handful of providers serving SMEs and they all did so without real conscious thought. Fast forward to 2019 and it has already become a key business battleground, with fintech firms fighting for their share. But with an expanding market comes further complications. For example, how do you credit score a business? How do you simplify onboarding to give a great customer experience? This is where Open Banking can come in...

 Let's use Open Banking to deliver a better product for traditionally underserved markets.


"Together we can make the world more simple, secure and sustainable. Putting the customer at the forefront of the payments experience." 

What Open Banking APIs we offer

This year Tribe chose to take on the build of the Open Banking APIs itself. Open Banking was intended to democratise access to information and payments. Yet, with so many businesses not yet seeing its possibilities, it has the potential to become a necessary evil for those without an immediate business case.  

So, the Tribe team decided to build out the infrastructure for our partners giving them easy access to compliance under PSD2. 

Tribe’s Open Banking product is broken down into two subsets: 

Data Tribe open banking TTps

For TPPs

Inbound Processing of TPP Request

A set of APIs allowing third party providers (TPPs) connectivity into the Tribe partner base. We call this: Inbound Processing Request.

This is our core TPP product. Tribe has created a set of APIs that its partners will continue to use as their Open Banking requirements grow. This will communicate directly with our Isaac platform to give you the relevant data and payment information. Tribe has partnered with Open Banking Europe to enable TPP verification so our partners can ensure that we are only working with registered TPPs. It will allow you to:

  1. Initiate request for Payment
  2. Initiate request for Information.

For more information view our API docs here >

Open Banking payments third party tribe

For Partners

Initiation of a Request for Payment

The other part of the Tribe Open Banking offering is several sets of APIs enabling its partners to use their extended permissions to initiate payment or data requests from third parties. This is designed to enable Tribe partners to deliver a richer experience within their own mobile application. 

Payment initiation is designed to allow a PSU to initiate a payment from their TPP/ Bank. The payment flow contains two major steps:

  1. Authorisation
  2. Payment.

For our partners that use our Digital Banking product displays all of this information inside your own wallet.

Find out more details by reading our API docs >

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