Single sign-on (SSO) support on Tribe products

Say goodbye to the hassle of having to remember multiple login credentials for accessing different applications. The SSO integration will streamline the login process to acquiring services and enable us to centralise user access control management for reducing the risk of password-related security breaches.

Tribe Sigle Sign-on (SSO) diagram

Upcoming changes

Acquirer Processing

Discover integration - Update: Now live!

The integration of the Discover card scheme is accelerating, and we are making excellent progress on the ability to process transactions. Once the implementation phase is finished, we will process the entire cycle of Discover transactions for our clients. From authorisation to clearing and, finally, settlement, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless experience at every step of the way.


Merchants reporting for Amex - Update: Now live! 

The load will be taken off your shoulders –  we will soon begin sending the Amex merchant report on behalf of Amex clients. The report will include demographic data, such as updates on merchant status and changes in multinational accounts, making it easier for our clients to stay up-to-date on important merchant information without having to manage the process themselves.

Currency conversion rate in settlements - Update: Now live!

The settlement transactions are undergoing significant improvements. With a focus on providing the highest level of accuracy and transparency in financial information, we will include the Mastercard currency exchange rate for processing transactions in different currencies along with the standard settlement information. Get ready for a more efficient transactions monitoring experience!

Tribe platform currency conversion rate in settlements
Mastercard scheme fees - Update: Now live!

Mastercard fees calculation is about to become more transparent than ever. With this upgrade, we will provide our clients with a more detailed breakdown of Mastercard fees, including the fee per individual transaction. As a result, our clients will provide more transparent services to their clients (merchants) that follow the Interchange++ pricing model for card transactions.

Visa scheme fees

We are pleased to inform you that we will soon implement the calculation of Visa card scheme fees to ensure easier reconciliation and greater scheme cost transparency per transaction. As part of this improvement, we will provide a detailed breakdown of Visa fees and also display the fees applicable to each transaction. This will enable you to have a clear and comprehensive view of the fees applied to all your Visa transactions.

Implement Visa chargebacks - Update: Now live!

Visa chargeback records will soon be accessible from the Tribe Hub portal or by executing the Chargebacks List operation via the Merchant API. This enhancement provides valuable insights into transactions, enabling customers to make more informed decisions and facilitating a more streamlined dispute resolution process. 

Multi-currency BINs support for JCB - Update: Now live!

JCB multi-currency BINs functionality is scheduled for implementation. This feature will enable us to configure and predict transaction settlement amounts and currencies based on the acquiring customer's BIN setup and agreement with the card scheme. Consequently, our customers will be able to enable their merchants to process transactions in any currency, regardless of their settlement currency agreement, thereby improving their reconciliation processes. 

JCB chargebacks - Update: Now live!

This update will grant customers enhanced visibility into the JCB chargeback transactions, empowering them with valuable insights for making informed financial decisions.

JCB airline addendum - Update: Now live!

Airline addendum will be added to the Merchant API (MAPI) to facilitate the inclusion of airline (flight) related information, such as ticket number and passenger information, in the transaction request sent to the card scheme. For now, we intend to support only the JCB airline addendum. 

Multiple Merchant Plug-In (MPI) support - Update: Now live!

Possibility to utilise multiple MPIs will be introduced. Our acquiring clients, authorised to provide 3DS data from an external MPI, will soon be able to simultaneously use external MPIs and an internal Tribe MPI, providing them enhanced flexibility. 

Upcoming changes

Issuer Processing

Amex personalisation file functionality - Update: Now live! 

We have achieved yet another milestone in our goal of integrating American Express, and it’s an exciting one – you can now issue Amex cards! Simply pick Amex as your scheme of choice when configuring your card designs in the admin portal. 

If you have any questions about this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will be more than happy to walk you through the possibilities and provide you with the support you need.

Additional fields in the QMR report - Update: Now live!

Mastercard has updated the Quarterly Mastercard Report (QMR) for 2023 and Tribe is following suit. The newly updated report provides our clients with greater visibility into the activities under the Mastercard Funding, MoneySend Payment, and Gaming and Gambling Payment Programs.

Amex clearing processing information - Update: Now live!

Tribe’s Issuer Processor now supports Amex clearing processing, enabling clients to receive Amex settlements. 

BIN Sponsor spending limits for Program Managers - Update: Now live!

We are proud to announce that we’ve been working hard to introduce a new security feature for BIN Sponsors. It will allow them to set strict spending limits for their Program Managers so they cannot authorise transactions that may exceed the available balance they have with the BIN Sponsor.

Empowering BIN Sponsors with a Program Manager Suspension Feature - Update: Now live!

We are thrilled to announce that we have implemented a new feature allowing BIN Sponsors to suspend their Program Managers. With this feature, BIN Sponsors now have greater control and flexibility in managing their programs by temporarily suspending Program Managers when necessary. This update aims to provide BIN Sponsors with the right tools to swiftly address any issues or concerns that may arise, ensuring seamless operations and uninterrupted service delivery.

Discover card scheme integration - Update: Now live

We are hard at work to bring our clients the support of the Discover card scheme in the near future. From issuing cards to transaction processing –  we’re bringing greater convenience and flexibility to customers.

Banking Circle integration

Tribe is finalising its integration with Banking Circle, a financial infrastructure provider. The integration will be carried out in two phases: we will first introduce the possibility to process EUR payments then we will move to implement the ability to process multi-currency transfers.

Advanced Payment Options with Google Pay & Apple Pay integration

Introducing advanced payment options to our issuer processing customers with the implementation of Apple Pay and Google Pay with Risk Monitor integration. Seamlessly make purchases using these platforms, while our integrated Risk Monitor ensures enhanced authentication and risk management for stronger security.

On-Us processing for Tribe ISAAC customers

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of On-Us processing for our customers. Transactions between your issued cards with Tribe and your acquiring merchants directly will take place solely within our network, eliminating scheme and interchange fees for fast, secure payments. With On-Us processing, customers can more efficiently process payouts to their clients' cards as well as accept payments. This integration signifies our commitment to delivering enhanced payment solutions for our customers.

Support for 14-Digit PAN Numbers - Update: Now live!

Our team has collaborated closely with Discover to ensure that our issuer processing now supports 14-digit Primary Account Numbers (PAN), expanding our ability to accommodate additional Discover products. This development provides greater flexibility for issuers and merchants, ensuring compatibility with evolving industry standards.

Dynamic primary account management

With our upcoming release, cardholders will gain the ability to easily change the primary account associated with their card, which can be done either via API or by Program Managers on Tribe Hub. Notably, users can now specify that only one account should be linked to the card by simultaneously assigning a primary account and unlinking all others, thus simplifying the account management process significantly. This streamlined process is further complemented by ensuring settlement processing aligns with the initial transaction account for various transaction types.

Export option on balance adjustments page - Update: Now live!

A new export option will be added to the Balance adjustments page in the ISAAC-ISS Program manager environment. Once the necessary permissions are granted, customers will be able to export files with identical columns and data, mirroring the information displayed on the Balance adjustments page. This enhancement will improve their data management processes. 

Fee Collection and Dispute Management coming to Discover

An upcoming milestone in our Discover integration brings support for fee collections and dispute management. 

Upcoming changes


Android POS demo application - Update: Now live!

Android POS demo app is here! This application allows you to simulate transactions directly on an Android device. With the same functionality as a physical POS device, the application demonstrates how the POS device operates in real-life scenarios. 

If you are interested in testing our POS application for yourself, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will be more than happy to arrange a demo and guide you through the application's features and capabilities.

Tribe Android POS demo application

Upcoming changes

Risk Monitor

Conditions page redesign - Update: Now live! 

We have redesigned the Risk Monitor admin portal's conditions setup page. The new design makes it easier and more intuitive to set up conditions that need to be met for certain risk-related actions.


The redesign is a significant improvement that will enhance the user experience through newly added functions, such as drag & drop support, enlarged buttons, and collapsible sections – all for greater visibility and quicker navigation. Stay tuned for more updates coming to the admin portal.

Conditions page redesign
Data filtering improvements - Update: Now live!  

Experience a new level of accuracy and efficiency with our enhanced data filtering in the admin portal. You could customise your filters by adding a drop-down list with needed values and also select multiple values for precise data filtering. Bid farewell to manual work and significantly reduce the probability of errors.

Action buttons and tags colouring - Update: Now live!

Customise the colour of action buttons and tags in the admin portal according to your needs! By implementing this new functionality, we will improve the overall user experience and allow you to analyze action data more effectively.

Simulations on actions

Need to simulate some actions? Not a problem! You could do this directly in the admin portal. For instance, you could run simulations on existing actions or input new values manually to retrieve a list of actions triggered by entered data.

One user - multiple clients

Simplified user management is underway! We will be able to assign multiple clients to a single user during the user creation process to relieve you from the burden of managing multiple users and their credentials. This improvement will streamline your workflow and make it easier for you to handle your clients.

Improved search

Risk Monitor will soon offer highly improved search capabilities in the admin portal. By adding a whole new type of search bar, we will enable users to have greater control over how they look for the exact data they want to see. Create custom queries and save them for future use – no problem! Certain queries are no longer needed – delete them with the click of a button. If old habits die hard, don’t worry – the classic search bar will still be there for you in the settings.

Actions processing flow

The Risk Monitor flow functionality will undergo improvements. The flow will be divided into separate On Update and On Create flows, improving the risk monitoring process. With this upgrade, you could plan your action processing/reprocessing flow in the admin portal, which will give you greater control and flexibility over your risk management activities.

Summary dashboard for tables and charts

Get ready to take your data analysis and monitoring experience to the next level! Our admin portal will be enhanced with a customisable dashboard that will provide a comprehensive summary of all the data tables and charts in one convenient location.

Import and export functionalities in events

Import and export will soon be introduced in the TribeHub portal. Users will be able to import/export actions and individual action items, such as scoring, data lists, aggregations, conditions, condition groups, and expressions. Furthermore, this functionality will incorporate the Save as New capability, enabling users to duplicate and customise similar setups – save existing actions, conditions, and condition groups as new. 

Custom Data Labels for Risk Monitor - Update: Now live!  

Seamlessly set up and manage data field labels within the admin portal, providing insightful context to authorisation response codes, error codes, location identifiers, currency types, and more. This feature adds a layer of clarity and understanding to these codes, enhancing the overall usability and efficiency of our risk-monitoring product.

Upcoming changes

Payments Gateway

Risk Monitor integration

We are excited to announce the upcoming integration of Tribe Risk Monitor into our payments gateway. This feature will provide our merchants with more efficient and flexible risk monitoring, enabling them to better protect their businesses against fraudulent activity.

Processing refactoring

Transaction processing is about to be refactored: Once all planned improvements are implemented, transactions will be processed at a faster rate, which,  as a result, will allow us to handle a larger volume of transactions.

Google Pay as alternative payment method

Google Pay will soon be available as an alternative payment method in our Payments Gateway, offering a seamless and secure payment experience for customers. We are confident that this new feature will help increase conversion rates for merchants.

Apple Pay as alternative payment method

Apple Pay integration will soon extend the list of available payment methods within our Payments Gateway. With this update, we will offer one more payment option, thereby making secure and convenient payments even more accessible to our customers. 

Upcoming changes

Digital Banking

Custom limits and fees for IBAN transfers - Update: Now live!

Tribe is in the final stretch of launching a new feature that will allow you to set different fees and limits for IBAN transfers processed by schemes such as SCT, SCTI, SEPA Direct Debits, Faster Payments, BACS, and CHAPS, allowing you to tailor your pricing strategy to specific customer segments and transaction types.

Dedicated expense accounts

Tribe's Digital Banking solution will soon offer the ability to set up dedicated expense accounts, from which the fees for all transactions will be deducted automatically, completely hassle-free. This will help ensure that customers have a more streamlined and transparent experience tracking and managing their finances. 

Upcoming changes

Digital Wallet

Introducing unified white-label management

Say goodbye to time-consuming white-label support! Our latest internal system update brings unified database management, enabling seamless change deployment for multiple white-labels simultaneously. Now, our Wallet customers can have multiple front-end designs, becoming full Program Managers with different brands under one back-end system.

Streamlined webhook management - Update: Now live!

We're streamlining webhook management for Wallet clients with this upcoming update. Clients will gain the ability to effortlessly view, control, and resend webhooks directly from their dashboard, eliminating the need to contact support for routine actions and improving operational efficiency.

Upcoming changes

Open Banking

A new version of our Open Banking API - Update: Now live!

We are working on introducing the Open Banking API v2.0. This version will offer multi-currency account support. Aligned with the Berlin Open Banking Standard, our latest API version ensures near-seamless collaboration with other financial institutions. 

REP022 reporting enhancement - Update: Now live!

REP022 reporting enhancement is set to be implemented soon. This update will bring API and Open Banking administrative portal updates, allowing customers to effectively monitor availability and performance statistics as well as export the report for presentation to the FCA. With this improvement, we will make your reporting process smoother and help you meet the standards in accordance with the regulations.