We're a tech Tribe
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We are a group of payments people that have come together with a singular purpose: to make the world of payments simple and accessible to you.

We are a Tribe that believes:

Agility and scale goes hand in hand  

Timescales and margins will continue to shrink, making responsiveness and volume essential for long-term commercial success. Fintechs can handle rapid innovation but find it hard to scale fast. Legacy issuers and acquirers may have scale but aren’t nimble enough to respond to new demands or seize opportunities fast. Highly responsive platforms with scale built-in will be key to keeping banking and payment providers on track to fulfil their service and growth ambitions.

Alex Reddish

Alex Reddish

Chief Commercial Officer

Markets are borderless, technology needs to be too

We are all global citizens now. Banking and payment providers need to think globally at the outset and invest in technology that helps them drive international growth. This requires them to localise, adhere to new jurisdictions, and acquire certifications while maintaining a consistent user experience.

inga tribe

Inga Grace

VP of Operations

Rich data will drive service success

Banking and payment providers will require a new blueprint for technology architecture, process optimisation, and service innovation. To be effective, their value propositions must be based on a precise understanding of customer behaviour, emerging service needs, price-elasticity and investment ROI.

ruta tribe payments

Ruta Petraviciene

Managing Director

Transformation not iteration  

Banking and payment providers will have to deliver services tomorrow that they haven’t even considered today. To do this they will need to rework their back-end infrastructure to ensure it can handle open, collaborative development environments. Plastering over the cracks with APIs will not be enough to prepare them for the future—they need to change right down to the core. This means transformation not iteration. 

Alexander Kelly

Alex Kelly

VP of Customer Success

Value chains must be broken 

Many issuers with electronic money licenses don’t offer acquiring and are missing out on key value drivers. Issuers that also acquire have smoother, quicker reconciliation, with less associated risk as they don’t have to tie up funds in protected accounts.  


Edita Čiplytė

HR Manager

Above all, payments is about people  

Success is all about the experience, making it easy to access and seamless to use. Often what works in theory, doesn’t work in practice, the secret to getting it right is people. It takes decades of knowledge and understanding to successfully anticipate and implement change; and clear vision to create capability without compromise. To do this requires more than technology. It requires payments people. 

Tech Project Managers_2

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