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Why intern with us?


Tribe is always looking for new talents to join the rocketship. We offer exciting & challenging internship opportunities for students and graduates. New skills don't grow on trees, this is why internships in Tribe are organised in a way, you could grow, explore and learn every day.

Your days at Tribe will be spent contributing to actual projects and making a real impact. In essence, your internship is a gateway to your career in tech.


 "On my first day, I got a warm welcome. I was introduced to all the different teams and had a chance to get to know my new colleagues - there’s now over 70 of us! I was briefed on all projects I would be working on, and how each team collaborates. This gave me a better understanding of the projects I’d be working on and the company structure. It was very exciting!"
Nojus Laurinaitis

Nojus Laurinaitis, Developer
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What can you expect during your internship?


Duration: 8-12 weeks


Trainings for professional development

Tribe vibe

Tribe vibe & culture


Your own mentor and buddy

Attractive benefits

Attractive benefits

Paid internships

Paid internship

Lukas Dzenkauskas
Lukas Dzenkauskas, Project Coordinator

 "My internship at Tribe has been a whirlwind of experiences as well as opportunities for growth. With a wide array of projects in the payment space, Tribe offers a unique chance to learn and participate in the development of state-of-the-art payment ecosystem. Even as an intern I had a great deal of challenges and responsibilities along with guidance from fellow colleagues and team leaders. Tribe puts emphasis on sharing and implementing ideas, therefore you can always propose and discuss whatever it is you believe that will help everyone else. To top it all off, a friendly and informal work environment helped me to quickly integrate and start sharing laughs with the team. I think anyone who is interested in IT & financial services and is up for a challenge would find themselves right at home in Tribe."

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