Life in the Tribe: Nojus - Intern to Tribe Developer

What's it like working at Tribe? We asked one of our developers to tell all...


Nojus career interviewWhy did you join Tribe?

I started my internship with Tribe because I got to work on three different areas of programming - banking, crypto and cyber security. During my internship worked hard and develop new skills like the rest of the business. This hard work was recognised and I was asked to join Tribe as a full time developer!

What was your first day like?

On my first day, I got a warm welcome. I was introduced to all the different teams and had a chance to get to know my new colleagues - there’s now over 70 of us! I was briefed on all projects I would be working on, and how each team collaborates. This gave me a better understanding of the projects I’d be working on and the company structure. It was very exciting!

What's a normal working day for you now?

On a normal day at the office, I start by putting together my tasks and prioritise what is important that day. Then we have a team stand up to discuss any challenges and how we can help each other to resolve these issues. Then I enter ‘developer mode’ and put my headphones on and get ready to code. But, there’s always time to take a break and chat with colleagues!

What do you like about working at Tribe?

Nowadays, what I like about being a developer at Tribe is the environment and culture. We work hard, but there’s also lots of fun events and activities too. Plus, all employees' voices are heard, and we’re like a family - or a Tribe! I really love working in this environment and it’s so unlike previous workplaces. Full of passionate people that want to do their best, but also have fun on the way.

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Tribe Team