What sectors will be most affected by 5 technologies?

We asked respondents from our Fintech 5X5 Report what technologies would have the most impact across sectors, and it revealed a similar pattern, though some answers stood out...

Sectors most affected by new tech

• AI was seen to have the biggest impact on Insurtech, Wealth Management, Trading, Lending and Retail Banking, where better and faster decisions would make a real difference.

• Blockchain will, unsurprisingly, make a big impact on Crypto, but Trading isn’t far behind, suggesting that smart contracts have a big future.

• APIs are predictably big in many areas, but not seen as a big part of Crypto—will it remain a financial technology outsider or be better integrated in the future?

• Edge Computing is most popular in trading where speed is vital.

• Low-Code will have the biggest impact in payments, where there is an appetite for integration for embedding into other services.

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